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KOK PLAY wins Korea Hit Product of the Year Award

Thirty-five brands have been chosen for the 13th Korea Hit Product of the Year Award! Medium and Kok Play were named among the best!

The novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), which first appeared last year, is still wreaking havoc on the industrial landscape this year. Concerns about infection as a result of the emergence of various COVID-19 mutant viruses are attracting consumers who have been active outside the home.

As a result, content and services aimed at consumers who are active at home are getting a lot of attention.

Numerous face-to-face activities are being replaced by ‘non-face-to-face’ activities, and online-based businesses are supporting. Face-to-face businesses are shifting a large portion of their capabilities online.

However, there is one value that remains constant even in these turbulent times. People. Regardless of the time, companies that valued their customers walked the path of continuous growth, while companies that ignored their customers walked the path of unending decline.

Companies are breaking the norms to develop products and services in order to meet the ever-increasing and demanding needs of customers. These efforts benefit consumers, resulting in a virtuous cycle in the consumption ecosystem.

In this context, the ‘Korea Hit Product of the Year Grand Prize,’ which celebrates its 13th anniversary this year, aims to provide significant support to companies and organizations that are setting the trend by faithfully communicating with customers using cutting-edge technology.  It is hosted by the Digital Chosun Ilbo and sponsored by the Chosun Ilbo, the President’s National Intellectual Property Committee, and the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

31 products and services were chosen after rigorous screening by industry-university experts. The screening standards were strengthened this year to meet consumers’ increasing demands and needs. The event’s host, the Digital Chosun Ilbo, stated that the companies and organizations chosen for the grand prize will continue to focus on technology development, satisfying customer needs, and creating trends.

Bodyfriend Co., Ltd.’s ‘Massage Chair’ won the award for 9 years in a row, and Damso Story Co., Ltd.’s ‘Damso Sosagol Sundae * Yukgaejang’ won the award for 8 years in a row. Woojeon Medical Co., Ltd.’s ‘PARAGON CRT’ and Miracle People Korea’s ‘Eun Nano Step’ were both honored for the fifth year in a row.

Home Shopping A2G’s ‘All-purpose Cooking Cauldron’ won the award for three years in a row, followed by Syncstar’s ‘Golden Pick Food Processor’ (5 times), Starion Seongcheol Commercial Refrigerator ‘STARION’ (2 times), and Starbucks Korea ‘Starbucks’ (2nd time).

In addition, LG Uplus (U+Golf), MEDIUM KOKPLAY (MEDIUM KOKPLATFORM), NutriAdvisor (Block & Care Golf Patch), Dada MNC (Large Skin Trunk), Dr. De Margel (Atoogel), Modo Rental (Ecoche), Seohyang Co., Ltd. (Soonaebo Daphne), Agape Seven Natural Substance Research Center (Agape 7), Amex G Korea (BizAuto Platform), Parents Love Elderly Medical Welfare Center (Intensive Hygiene Care Service), HE Tech (Air Clean) Water System), Nzacta Korea (Alpha PXP Forte*Plus), Brave Han Company (Modogong*Modokyeong*Modoso), Weman Properties (Gangnam Penpolus Creache), Wesopp Co., Ltd. (Shopsol) )), University of Utah (University of Utah Asia Campus), Easytem Co., Ltd. (DT-060 non-contact thermometer), Karon Bio (Caron Bio C3 Shampoo), Taeyoung (Ellencilla CPP Collagen 80 Intensive Eye Cream), Duron Plant Dental (Implant), Hana Capital (Hana One Q Dream Car), and Heriate (Heriate) received their first awards.

Out of the 30+ companies that won the Product of the Year award, KOK PLAY was named the most innovative technology in South Korea.

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