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Website Design, Digital Marketing & Crypto Company

BaseLynk offers digital services for any new or existing business, brand, creative venture, entrepreneurial endeavor, non-profit or online project. Our digital services are available on both Web 2.0 (server-based) and Web 3.0 (crypto-blockchain based).

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Outperform Your Competition

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We Provide The Best Digital Services. Guaranteed.

BaseLynk is dedicated to the growth and success of your company. Our digital services are designed to capture prospects and turn them into paying customers. With every project, the BaseLynk team designs a custom-built approach that is tailored towards your vision and the needs of your clientele.

Average Results Generated For Our Clients

By engaging and converting visitors into sales, our team helps grow targeted traffic, generate quality leads, and improve brand visibility.

0 x
Increased Traffic

We boost your targeted visitors by designing a website that converts visitors into customers.

0 %
Conversion Rate Increase

Our team takes the time to research your business so we can locate, engage, and attract your ideal customers.

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Qualified Leads Growth

We are guaranteed to increase your revenue by generating higher quality sales leads.

BaseLynk Provides Digital Marketing Solutions with a Purpose

When you choose BaseLynk, you get to work with a team of marketing experts that are dedicated to your success.

Website Design

Invest in a high-performance website that converts visitors into customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Get ranked higher in search engine results so your ideal customers can easily find you.

Lead Generation

With funnels and landing pages, our team team will help you generate more leads and improve your conversion rates.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Target your most qualified audience to maximize your pay-per-click (PPC) return on investment (ROI).

How Can I Start Working with BaseLynk? What's the Process?

1. Talk To A Team Member

Start by filling out our short consultation form. A BaseLynk team member will take the submitted information and create a portfolio for your project. We will then reach out to get more in-depth infromation about your project.

2. We Build Your Customized Project Portfolio

After your consultation, we will build out a custom solution for your project based on the information we receive from you and from our own market research. Upon approval, your project starts.

3. The Project is Launched

Throughout the process, our team will update you on project milestones. When completed, we will send a finalized report with the expectations vs. completions listed out. After your approval, your project will launch publicly.

What services does BaseLynk offer?

Blockchain Website Development (Web 3.0), Blockchain Website Design (Web 3.0), Blockchain Domain Registration (Web 3.0), Business Card Design, Business Email Setup Service, DJ Service, Digital Marketing, E-commerce Solutions, Lead Generation, Logo Design, Magazine Ad Design, Marketing, NFT Creation (Web 3.0), Sales, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Curation, Video Production, Website Design, Website Development, Website Optimization etc..,

It's simple.
We know how to win online.
When we win, your business thrives.

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Website Management

Get A Domain Name

This includes securing a domain name, connecting the domain to a web host, and providing domain account management.

Get Website Hosting

This includes securing website hosting, linking the website hosting with a domain name, transferring an existing website (if applicable), and providing client support and account management.

Get Business Email Hosting

This includes configuring and managing email accounts, as well as migrating over current email systems (if applicable), and connecting email accounts to client devices.

Website Design

Get A Website

This includes assistance with the development of a new website or the maintenance of an existing one. To build responsive designs, we use the WordPress platform. The use of other CMSs, such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix can be requested.

Get Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

It's critical to have your website optimized for search engines. We accomplish this by optimizing and improving the structure of your website. We also submit your site map to search engines and use tools to detect issues that can improve your website's rankings.

Get Social Media Integrated

Social media should work hand-in-hand with your website to promote your business. This includes the integration of social share icons, featured sharing images for content, and social media registration for your website.

Website Add-ons

Get A Logo Designed

Your logo is the first impression that potential customers get of your company. Do you need to get a logo designed? We can design a professional logo that represents your brand. We'll collaborate closely with you to create a design that you'll be proud of.

Get Business Cards Designed

Our business card design service will help generate more qualified leads and accelerate sales. Hire us to create a unique, clean, and professional business card within 24 hours or less.

Get A Custom Form Built

We create custom forms that will collect valuable information and connect you with potential new customers.

What industries does BaseLynk serve?

Dental Practices

Help your dental practice run more efficiently, book new appointments, build your reputation, and improve patient satisfaction with our dental digital services.

Home Services

As an HVAC company, plumber, or other home services professional, your website says everything about you. At BaseLynk, we’ll make sure it delivers the right message.

Law Firms

From establishing a user-friendly and attractive website to promoting services through online platforms, BaseLynk can assist you in expanding your legal practice.

Medical Practices

BaseLynk is proud to be a leader in the medical and healthcare digital service industry. We are passionate about building medical websites and providing digital marketing that is designed to engage and capture patients.

Small Businesses

Every feature of our service-based platform was created with service-based B2C small businesses in mind. We've worked with a wide range of small businesses and enjoy assisting companies in niche markets.

Multi-Location Businesses

When dealing with multi-location businesses, we can construct a custom platform that allows all of your locations to thrive online in their own local areas while maintaining one central website.


Website Design & Digital Marketing

Many More

Have something else in mind? Reach out and let's talk about it! Our team loves a challenge.

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