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KOK PLAY Version 3 Update

KOK PLAY Version 3 Update

The Road To The Metaverse

KOK PLAY has released version 3.0 of its platform, which contains various new features and improvements. This is being referred to as a “future readiness” update, as it expedites KOK PLAY’s entry into the metaverse. “The metaverse can be considered as a virtual reflection of the physical,” says Pan-Jong Kim, CEO of Medium-K.

What new features are in this update?

1. New Chat Feature

This new feature enables KOK members to communicate directly with one another. Members can also use the platform to send and receive KOK.

KOK PLAY version 3.0 Chat Feature Coming Soon

2. New Payment System (Medium Pay)

KOK kiosks have been set up at cafes and restaurants across Seoul, South Korea, to accept KOK as payment for tangible goods. In future upgrades, this payment system will be expanded to include more relevant usage options. As more features are implemented, this payment method is expected to play a significant role in the metaverse.

Medium Pay Logo

3. Content Revamp

Based on comments from KOK members, the user interface has been updated. New webtoon and video categories will be present along with search and wishlist functions.

KOK PLAY version 3.0 UI changes

The Medium-K team has also introduced the following changes in version 3.0:

30 Day Subscription Pass

KOK is regarded as a global provider of digital content services. The present system is a pay-per-view model. The new 30-day Subscription Pass will allow you to read/view material indefinitely. To make the pass subscription more appealing, new content is being developed.

Three new subscription passes are now available. Keep in mind that you can only buy one pass within the 30-day period. If you want to upgrade or downgrade your pass, you must wait until the expiration date of any previously purchased passes, which is 30 days. The three pass options are detailed below.

Basic Pass (100% Mileage Accrual)

The Basic Pass gives unlimited viewing for movies and videos. The Basic Pass costs 2.31 KOK.

Standard Pass (150% Mileage Accrual)

The Standard Pass gives unlimited viewing for movies and videos. It also includes access to 50 webtoon episodes. The Standard Pass costs 4.62 KOK.

Premium Pass (1000% Mileage Accrual)

The Premium Pass gives unlimited viewing for movies, videos, and webtoon episodes. The Premium Pass costs 6.15 KOK.

KOK PLAY Subscription Passes

Indie Movie Titles

New content is currently being developed that will only be available to subscribers. Indie film titles will soon be available on the KOK PLAY platform.

Original Content

Metaverse games will soon be available on the KOK PLAY platform as well.

Medium-K will concentrate on content, platform, metaverse, and cryptocurrency in future upgrades. Versions 4 and 5 of KOK PLAY will be the first steps toward making the metaverse a reality.

Watch the video of Medium-K CEO Pan-Jong Kim announcing the update.

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Dante Ortiz
Dante Ortiz
2 years ago

FABULOSO! Estamos en el futuro.