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How to Stake KOK PLAY Mining Profit

How to Stake KOK PLAY Mining Profit

Mining occurs when you stake money in the KOK PLAY platform. You will be rewarded with KOK coin on a daily basis for doing so. This tutorial will show you how to stake your earned KOK mining profit and add it to your original capital/balance staked in the KOK PLAY platform.

How to Stake KOK PLAY Mining Profit

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1 year ago

[…] Every 24 hours, the KOK coins/tokens that collect under the My Mining Status will automatically be deposited into your KOK wallet. From here, you can decide to transfer your newly earned KOK out of the KOK PLAY app to KuCoin (to cash out) or re-invest it back into mining more KOK Token. […]

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