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How to mine/stake KOK PLAY coins/tokens

How To Mine / Stake KOK PLAY Tokens

What does KOK stand for?

KOK stands for the Keystone of Opportunity and Knowledge.

What is KOK Play?

KOK PLAY is a decentralized digital content platform that runs on KOK coins/tokens. It was built using a combination of AI, big data, and blockchain technology. KOK PLAY is a platform that allows all creators to fairly explore the assets of the platform (fair), share values, vision, and collect returns accordingly (share), and ensures creators’ freedom to create (enable).

The KOK PLAY platform supports:

  • Digital Content (Games, Live Streaming)
  • Entertainment (Music, Movies)
  • Shopping (Online/Offline Shopping, Ecommerce)

To read more about the KOK PLAY rewards and referral structure, click here.

Why was KOK PLAY developed?

The Korean creators of KOK PLAY developed the platform to become a “fair and shared digital contents ecosystem” that is “enabled by blockchain and AI”. The goal of KOK PLAY is to overcome the problem of monopolization that exists in the current global digital content ecosystem.

KOK PLAY will only be as big as its users; nothing more, nothing less.

KOK Foundation

What’s wrong with the current digital content ecosystem?

The relatively recent technological advancements of smartphones, as well as their expanding screen sizes, have altered our content consumption habits. As a result of this great demand, the digital content business (music, video, gaming, etc..,) has exploded, making Netflix, YouTube, Apple’s App Store, and the Google Play Store international distribution powerhouses. However, due to their rapid expansion, these platforms have ultimately come uncomfortably close to monopolizing the market and its ever-increasing needs.

Content creators have been at the mercy of profit, paying large fees to these platforms but not receiving adequate exposure for their work. Because the platforms have such a large impact on content selection, a profit-driven logic prevails, masking everything that falls short of their expectations. This type of conduct has a negative impact on the content ecosystem because content flows are based solely on profit rather than on the needs of the user. This means that whoever has the most money gets the most attention, resulting in the most views by default rather than merit.

How can blockchain technology help fix the digital content ecosystem?

Blockchain technology is a game-changer because it assures transparency and provides a genuinely decentralized platform free of human or artificial manipulation. All transactions and events are published on the blockchain which gives no possibility for falsification or manipulation of information. Blockchain technology is immune to monopolizing influence by groups such as Netflix, YouTube, Apple’s App Store, and the Google Play Store.

Ready to start the KOK PLAY mining process? Follow the steps below. Trust us, the gained APY is worth the setup!

Step 1: Create a KOK PLAY account

To begin mining, you must create a KOK PLAY account by clicking here.


It will first ask for your country and cell phone number. After entering both of these, click the “Send verification number” button and a six-digit numeric code will be sent to the cell phone number that was entered.

NOTE: Your cell phone number acts as your username for the KOK PLAY platform.

Enter in the six-digit code. You have 5 minutes to enter the correct code. Once the code is entered, click the “Verification Complete” button to move on to the next step in the registration process.

KOK PLAY Registration (Entering Cell Phone Number)
KOK PLAY Registration (Entering Verification Number)

Member Information

Next, you will be asked to fill out the Member Information section. This section is important to fill out exactly as shown below:

Name: Enter your first and last name into this field.

Gender: Select Male or Female.

Date of birth: You must enter your date of birth using the following 6 digit combination on the KOK PLAY registration page. (Year/Month/Day) So if you were born on December 10, 1998, you would enter the following 6 digits into the field “981210”. YYMMDD

Log-in password / Check log-in password: This is the password you will use to log in to the KOK Play app. Enter the same password into both of the fields.

KOK PLAY Registration (Member Information)

Exchange password / Check Exchange password: This is the password you will use when exchanging KOK coins/tokens off of the KOK Play app. I suggest making this the same password as your Log-in password. You will need this password when you move your KOK coins to your exchange platform to sell them.

Recommender’s code: This is the code that allows you to receive your compounding interest within the KOK PLAY app. The recommender’s code should already be filled out. If not, the code should be:


KOK PLAY Recommender’s Code

Sponsor Code: This is another code that allows you to receive your compounding interest within the KOK PLAY app. The sponsor code is:


KOK PLAY Sponsor Code

When you are finished typing in your information, click the black square button with the Korean characters on it to complete the registration process.

KOK PLAY Registration (Member Information Continued…)

Step 2: Install the KOK PLAY app on iPhone

After signing up, you can download the KOK PLAY app by visiting https://apps.kok-play.xyz/ on your iPhone.

NOTE: The iPhone version of the KOK PLAY app has recently experienced download issues. If you own a Mac, the BaseLynk team has outlined an alternative solution in the form of an Android Emulator that runs on the Mac. Click here for more information on that.

Click the purple iOS button. A popup will display asking if you would like to install KOK Play. Select Install.

After installing the KOK PLAY app, you will need to tell the iPhone to trust the application before you can open it. This process is mandatory because the KOK Play is a Korean app/company and it is not yet available to download directly from Apple’s App Store.

NOTE: If you do not manually trust the application, your iPhone will not let you open the app. To trust it, follow the steps below:

How to trust the KOK PLAY app on an iPhone

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll to “General” and tap on it.
  • Scroll to “Device Management” and tap on it.
  • In there you will see have to tap on the KOK Play profile and then tap “Trust”.

After you perform the steps above, you will be able to open the app.

KOK PLAY iPhone App Install (Select iOS)
KOK PLAY iPhone App Install (Select Install)
How to trust the KOK PLAY app on an iPhone

Step 3: Transfer Tether (USDT) into your KOK PLAY account

Open the KOK PLAY app and select the “Wallet” icon in the top-right corner. Scroll down until you the USDT coin and then tap to select it.

You will then need to select the “Deposit” button at the bottom.

This will provide you with a unique wallet address for your Tether wallet that exists inside of your KOK PLAY app. You will need to send Tether (USDT) to this wallet address in order to start mining KOK.

KOK PLAY Transfer Tether - Select the "Wallet" icon in the top-right corner of the app then select "USDT".
KOK PLAY Transfer Tether – Select the “Wallet” icon in the top-right corner of the app then select “USDT”.

How do I get Tether (USDT)?

Keep in mind that Tether is considered a stablecoin. It does not fluctuate like other cryptocurrency coins do, so 1 USDT will always equal $1.00.

Create a Coinbase Account

You will need to sign up for a Coinbase account to buy Tether. You can signup for a Coinbase account by clicking here.

Deposit money into your Coinbase account

After signing up for Coinbase, click the hamburger menu in the top-left corner. Select “Profile & Settings” and then select “Add a payment method”. You may choose any method you prefer, but Wire Transfer is the only method that will give same-day funding. Provide your bank with the wire information and wait for your funds to hit your USD Wallet. Next, connect your bank account for the purpose of withdrawals.

NOTE: Other methods take up to a week for funds to be tradeable. Coinbase places a hold on transferring funds off their platform for about 6 days until they can confirm they have received the money from your funding source.

Use the deposited money to buy Tether (USDT) on Coinbase

After depositing money into your Coinbase account, it will show up in your USD Wallet. Next, from the home tab, select the blue circle button located at the top of the Coinbase app that says “Buy”. Scroll down to select USDT (Tether). Type in the dollar value you want to buy (1 USDT – $1.00) and ensure you are purchasing with cash, then select Preview Buy and Buy Now. NOTE: There will be fees from Coinbase for buying Tether.

Send the Tether (USDT) from your Coinbase wallet to your KOK PLAY wallet

After buying Tether (USDT) you will need to send the Tether from your Coinbase Tether wallet to your KOK PLAY Tether wallet. You will use the wallet address found in step 3 above.

After copying your Tether wallet address from the KOK PLAY app, go back into Coinbase and select the blue circle button located at the top of the Coinbase app that says “Send”. Select or type in “Tether” and either click “Max” or type the exact amount then select the “Continue” button at the bottom. Paste the Tether (USDT) wallet address (from the KOK PLAY app) into the “To” line and select Preview Send. Then, select “Send” on the next page.

The Tether (USDT) balance will then transfer from your Coinbase wallet into your KOK PLAY wallet. When the funds show up in the KOK PLAY wallet, you are ready to start the mining process! NOTE: The funds may take a few minutes to trasnfer over.

Step 4: How to mine/stake KOK coins/tokens

To start mining, select the account icon in the top-right corner of the app (It is next to the wallet icon.) Then select “Mining” from the menu.

NOTE: If this is your first time mining/staking your funds in the KOK PLAY app, then click on USDT.

If it is not your first time, select the “Mining” button at the bottom. Change the coin from BTC to USDT. Enter the Quantities by selecting “100%”. Then “Confirm.”

Once this is complete, you are officially mining KOK coins/tokens!

The My Mining Status will start scrolling. This scrolling value represents the interest reward your deposit is earning immediately in the form of KOK Token(s).

Your Current Exchange Asset under the mining tab will reflect your deposit.

NOTE: When you make a deposit, the amount is converted into US Dollars at the current KOK coin market rate, which becomes the base rate. Even if the KOK coin price changes, your base rate will remain constant. (This gives you a stable return despite fluctuating coin prices.)

KOK PLAY Mining KOK - Mining Screen
KOK PLAY Mining KOK – Mining Screen

Every 24 hours, the KOK coins/tokens that collect under the My Mining Status will automatically be deposited into your KOK wallet. From here, you can decide to transfer your newly earned KOK out of the KOK PLAY app to KuCoin (to cash out) or re-invest it back into mining more KOK Token.

How much interest can I earn by mining / staking KOK coins?

NOTE: A halving event just occurred on December 1st, 2021 due to the increasing price of the KOK coin. This event affects the reward APY. The new rates have been calculated below.

Amount DepositedInterest Collected Per MonthAPY (Annual Percentage Yield)Money Made Per MonthCompounding Schedule
$0.01 to $299.990%0%NoneNone
$300.00 to $1,499.994%48%$12.00 to $59.99Compounded and Paid Interest Daily
$1,500 to $9,999.994%48%$60.00 to $399.99Compounded and Paid Interest Daily
$10,000+4%48%$400+Compounded and Paid Interest Daily
KOK PLAY APY Returns / Mining Rates

NOTE: When the entire amount of passive, frontier, and level compensation reaches 200 percent of the principal amount, all interest payments stop. To continue mining, you must add more money to the original principal.

To read more about the KOK PLAY rewards and referral structure, click here.

Additional KOK PLAY FAQs

When does my interest pay out?

Interest is paid daily in KOK coins/tokens (KOK) at 11 AM Eastern Standard Time (1 AM Korean Standard Time) based on your deposited amount of funds.

What are the KOK PLAY withdrawal fees?

Interest that is paid out daily in KOK coins/tokens can be withdrawn from the KOK PLAY app at any time.

There is a Coin Exchange Fee of 2% This fee occurs when you exchange one coin for another inside of the KOK PLAY app. For example, KOK to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), US Tether (USTD) and DaVinci Coin (DAC)”.

There is an External Transfer Fee of 1%. This fee occurs when you transfer coins/tokens out of the KOK PLAY wallet to an External Cryptocurrency wallet, such as Coinbase.

What happens if I terminate my KOK PLAY account?

When you terminate your KOK PLAY account, the “Principal Amount” that you have staked will be paid out in KOK coin. (The amount of KOK coins/tokens paid out will correspond to the USD value of the principal amount that was staked in your account.) The KOK coins/tokens will be placed inside the KOK wallet of the KOK PLAY app.

NOTE: The “Principal Amount” (your staked deposit) can only be withdrawn by terminating your account. (A partial withdrawal from the staked “Principal Amount” is not possible. The entire deposit must be withdrawn.)

There is a fee charged for terminating your account. The amount of the fee depends on how long your funds have been deposited on the platform.

Time funds have been deposited in KOK PLAYFee (%)
1 to 30 Days5%
31 to 60 Days3%
62+ Days1%
Fee charged for terminating your KOK PLAY account

After terminating your account if you decide to re-join, you must deposit 2x the amount that was taken out in order to preserve your account settings (settings include all referrals and your level status). If a 2x deposit is not placed back into the account after 48 hours of withdrawal, the account is reset.

Need help setting up your KOK PLAY account? Fill out the form below and let us help you out!

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Avarzed Amarzaya
Avarzed Amarzaya
2 years ago

1)After termination my KOK coins will be in the KOK wallet.
But how do I take it out of the KOK wallet as USD?
2) When I re-join the KOK play within 48 hours, may I use new referral?

Gregory Mathis
Gregory Mathis
Reply to  BaseLynk
2 years ago

After termination how long before it shows in my KuCoin? I terminated a week ago and it still has not sent. I read somewhere that it could take a month. Is this true

2 years ago

Hello, what if I didn’t click on USDT when I’m mining/staking for the first time? I did this mistake and now when I click on mining option there is no change, it keeps loading. What do I do??

Gregory Mathis
Gregory Mathis
2 years ago

Once you you terminate and deposit money into KuCoin how long does it take to show up ? I read up to a month