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Download KOK PLAY

Earn 48% APY

Download the most recent version of the KOK PLAY wallet app from the links below. To learn more about KOK PLAY and how to signup for an account, click here.

Version 3.0 of the KOK PLAY platform has officially been released. Click here to find out what’s new.


Follow our KOK channels for up-to-date info

iPhone/iPad Disclaimer: Because this application is not an official Apple AppStore application, it requires you to trust the app before it can be opened. This app has a lot of credibility and is completely safe to use. To learn how to trust the app, click here.

Also, at times, the application profile that you trust on your iPhone or iPad will become invalidated due to Apple’s strict no-third-party app protocols. When this happens, the developers of the KOK PLAY must update the signed certificate for the app and re-release it. This will require you to download the most recent version of the app again and re-trust it. The most recent app version will be available above. If the app won’t work, come back in a few hours and the new app with the new signed certificate will be available.

Common iPhone/iPad Error Messages:

1. Unable To Install “Kok Play” This app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified. (This means the KOK PLAY app’s certificate that was trusted when you first downloaded the app has expired. You must wait for KOK PLAY to sign a new certificate for the app. The team is usually pretty fast with signing new certificates and getting the updated app version released. Once this happens, you can re-download the app and re-trust it.)

2. “KOK PLAY” Is No Longer Available

To learn how to fix these errors, click here.